Peace of Mind Quality Child Care is extremely committed to being the very best in our industry ~

                                                                                          a commitment that compels us to meet rigorous early childhood development standards and

                                                                                          guidelines for high-quality care. 

                                                                                          We belong to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC),                    

                                                                                          Child Care Resource Network, and the NYS Quality Stars program. We are 

                                                                                          determined to make sure our programs continually exceed stringent

                                                                                          national care standards as well as go  beyond NY State minimum

                                                                                          licensing requirements and standards for child care.

In addition, we endeavor for our head teachers and managers to have either a degree in

early childhood development comparable field or a CDA certification.  A CDA (Child

Development Associates Credential Program) is an intensive 120 hour course that

equips and empowers our teachers with state-of-art skills, know-how and the

insights needed to make a real differencein your child's' life.

Our commitment to such high standards is your greatest

assurance of the best possible education and personal

development for your child.




“Being a parent is HARD! But being a skilled parent is tougher yet, and it doesn't

come naturally for me. Peace of Mind has been a tremendous help to me.

They've done an incredible job of helping me raise my babies while teaching

me more about how to being the best mother I can be"  ​

B Johnson, mother of 2